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An internship is an unpaid, training position that allows students to gain hands-on experience in a workplace environment relevant to their area of future career interest and current course of academic studies. The AIIHK places students in organisations, companies, government agencies, non-profits, and other workplaces that will provide students a first hand look at what a career in a particular area might be like and how their chosen industry works.

These internships are based in Hong Kong, where our 8 week program gives students an international experience that is very valuable for building their professional development and resumes while supplementing their current course of academic study in their home country and institution. The AIIHK’s extensive network of partner organizations that accept unpaid interns includes some of the most prestigious multinational corporations and influential government and non-government organizations, providing our students with some of the best opportunities for workplace experience, networking, and resume building.

In addition to the 8 weeks of internship work experience in Hong Kong, the AIIHK internship program offers a 6 day, 5 night cultural program in Beijing, China at the end of the program.


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  "My entire experience has been great. I have been given amazing opportunities to see a factory, work on sustainability and social compliance reports, and learn about all aspects of what the team here does. Whenever I wanted to sit in on a session or learn about what the fit team, merchandising team, etc. does, they would encourage me to do those things. To me it felt like my internship was very encouraging for me to learn about my interests as well as tackle projects they would assign. They created the perfect work atmosphere where I was able to work on my own but had great instructions and could always ask for help/clarification. I was never asked to do the mail, make copies, get coffee, or what typical interns usually do. I worked on projects and felt like I contributed to the company, thats what I enjoyed the most. I would like to continue in the more technical side of the fashion industry after I graduate. I have really enjoyed sustainability and sourcing so far. I am glad this internship confirmed that I had a passion for these areas."
Megan Dawson-Elli, Fashion Merchandising, University of Delaware, '14


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